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File Under Strange Teapots

This teapot was obviously handmade, and it reminded me of nothing so much as an Adventure Time character. Here it’s modeled by the lovely Caren Gussoff. Found at the Woodinville Value Village.

photo of a woman holding a teapot

As you can tell, neither Caren or I could take our eyes off it. Maybe because we were scared to.

Book: Caren Gussoff’s The Birthday Problem

Cover of the Birthday Problem by Caren Gussoff

Ever wondered what it would be like to wander through plague-ridden Seattle in the future? This book’s a good approximation.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that Caren’s a close friend. But beyond that The Birthday Problem is terrific SF, and a great example of interweaving narratives that is a) highly enjoyable to read and b) highly instructive to take a look at.

The Birthday Problem of the title is a common mathematical puzzle: find the probability that, in a group of N people, there is at least one pair of people who have the same birthday. (Hint: it’s a much lower number than you think. You can find out more about it on Wikipedia if you want to understand why.) The book is about odd ties and coincidences, set in a crumbling Seattle in a world plagued by nanobots that make people crazy.
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